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Enprocal provides effective and easy-to-use nutritional support for frail people and others not meeting their nutritional requirements.These conditions are commonly found in the elderly, persons recovering from surgical/other medical procedures, and those with eating disorders or who are chronically underweight.

Key features:

1. High energy
Enprocal's energy is derived from a unique ratio of fats including mono and polyunsaturates, and from the product's high protein level and carbohydrates naturally occurring in the product. This ensures Enprocal has around 30 per cent less sugar than most similar products.

2. High protein
Enprocal contains 43.1% protein; the majority of which is Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC). WPC has the highest levels of digestibility, efficiency and biological value (United Nations, FAO/WHO Study 1999) of the major commercially available sources of protein.

3. Neutral flavour
Enprocal adopts the flavour of foods it is added to, so savoury foods, or sweet ones, retain their flavour appeal.

4. Easy to use
Enprocal has easy and practical applications, and can be added to most foods and beverages.

5. Gluten free
Enprocal is gluten free and suitable (after dietitian review) for most diabetics.

6. Protein / energy fortification
Enprocal is an ideal food fortifier. Small quantities add significantly to RDIs and can be incorporated in most foods. No more taste fatigue or rejection common with pre-mixed flavoured drinks or powders.

For a more information on Enprocal's nutritional benefits, please see the RDI table.

Pack size:
Enprocal is available in the following sizes:
 - 540g jar
 - 2.1kg pail
 - 10kg pail 
See Distributors page for more information.